Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.

In a couple of hours from now the Moon will go from Khordad or Gemini to Tir or Cancer.  Cancer is the home or family and your cultural roots.

The Moon is making good angles to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. All emotional, passionate, and imaginary aspects of your life are easily achievable.

The Sun is going to make great angles to Jupiter. It is then a great time to expand relationships. Write and make great discoveries.

Mars will be going into Sagittarius or Azar. It means all belief systems, and morals will be effective. Make long journeys in the mind and also travel. Again make great discoveries.

Venus I have already written too much on.

So the overall theme is the home, the mother figure. The female contribution to the culture. All of which made me think of writting about the role of our Empress. We now know what the path for Iran’s salvation is.

As we all know we have had the Uranus Pluto challenge for such a long time. But now with Saturn making good angles to Pluto life will be easier and more practical. Financial upheavals, tax and inheritance issues will be reconciled.

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