100 grs of Pahlavi crap has more credibility than the entire regime

As I watched a video posted on here today, showing the “majlese tashkhise maslehat” one could see Rafsanjani sandwiched between 2 Larijani brothers sitting at a huge table with a whole bunch of old mullahs and a few young dastmalkeshs scattered around.

I thought to myself, how did these bastards get here?!  What are their qualifications?  Maybe their forefathers did something good for Iran.  Or maybe a combination of their worldly education, extra ordinary high IQ, and numerous accomplishments in the scientific and socioeconomic arena has gotten them to the highest levels of ruling class in Iran.  Or maybe its their life long sacrifices for the betterment of Iran and its people that has elevated them to this level.

Should accomplishments and contribution of Reza Shah count for anything like qualifying his grandson to be a somebody in Iran?

I am torn about this subject.  While Reza Shah was Iran’s greatest leader in the last 400 years, his son Mohammad Reza sort of screwed Iran and Iranians.

So should the Pahlavi dynasty have ended with Mohammad Reza or Reza II ?

All I know is that despite my unresolved feelings about the Pahlavi clan, I am certain no one, not even 1 of these bastards at the helm today in Iran is qualified or deserves to be where he is at; from #1 down.


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