Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama, Will the US reject Israel’s insistence on our operating in the dark?

To be American is to be for Daylight!

“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”  said Louis D. Brandeis.  He must be turning over in his grave to see the Jewish People of the US split into opposing views on what it means to support Israel, and the death and destruction Israel again wants the US to let loose as we did in Iraq, but this time in Iran, in furtherance of the so-called ‘ New American Century”

Plutocratic Israel insists America, which was to be a Beacon to the world, stop the openness, regress into darkness.  That’s what  ‘no daylight’ means.  It means there can be no open debate about our national policies regarding Israel and Israel’s demands regarding Iran’s perceived threat to  Israel’s Mideast domination.

“No daylight’ is an insult to ordinary citizens kept in the dark, regarding secret agreements and plans.  What right do you  Mitt Romney, and you, Barack Obama,  have to bring us back to the ‘dark ages’?.  President Obama, did you agree to keep the discussions and decision making ‘under the radar’ as the AIPAC operatives insist, because you can’t stand the thought of suffering under their withering personal attacks if you don’t buckle under, or is it just the money? Like Congress, are you simply too addicted, too dependent, and too afraid?  The words of our military leaders recently have given hope to those of us who fear for the independence of our country, for our future and our integrity, that a new direction may be afoot, but sadly we know military leaders vanish from the scene quickly when their opinions and advice are rejected after a brief period of strategic usefulness, when, election having been won, ‘new direction’ could callously be tossed aside.

Mitt Romney, do you believe ‘know-nothingism’, or refusal to discuss openly, pros and cons of choices our country has been making about life and death issues for people of the Mideast and ourselves, at the insistence of a foreign country, is not demeaning to this nation of ours, as well as to yourself personally?  Will you collude with the owners of the MSM to keep the citizens of this nation under the Israeli ether ‘no daylight’ brings?

The alliance with Israel is secret; it could not withstand ‘a light of day’ examination either in Israel or the US.  In this and every other ‘agreement’ between our American plutocrats (traitors?) and the Israeli government ‘No Daylight” is a sinister reminder unreported back-room deals continue to rule.

Justice Brandeis believed public discussion is a political duty; and that this should be a fundamental principle of the American government. 

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