A question for Mr. Amin

Dear Mr. Amin,

I am a thankful frequent visitor to i.com  I also post content in form of blog here and there.

Like majority of posters, I have more than 1 username.  But I can confidently say that overwhelming majority of what I post is under the name nozarmahallati.

There are some users (less than a handful) that have a minimum of 6 and possibly a lot more usernames at any one time.  These users generally carry a discussion between their various usernames so that comments to their posts are increased and the posts remain on the “most discussed” or “hot today” list.   Most blogs generate X comments for every Y views.  I think you have this statistic whatever it maybe.

But for posts from the people with dozens of usernames, statistics do not follow the norm.  The number of comments per view is much higher than it normally is; only indicating one thing.

These users have in the past targeted a particular group; namely Bahais.  I am not by any means recommending censorship or limitation of negative comments on Bahais or any other group be it religous, political, social etc by any individual.  But for 1 user to post vitriolic content against a particular group without any check as to how many usernames are used, for what seems to have been over 5-6 years, is somewhat unfair.

I believe my view is shared by many of your users, whether Bahai, Jew, Muslim, Zorastrian or Agnostic. 

Since you are making some changes to your site, I thought this maybe a good time to share my thoughts with you. 


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