Mirkarimi Win Bittersweet for Iranian-Americans

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Last night, Ross Mirakirmi was re-instated as Sheriff of San Francisco.

“The 7-4 vote went straight down the line of Conservatives against Liberals. Right against Left. Wrong against Right.”

The grand assumption and bet and somewhat conspiratorial claim that the conservatives who have slowly been taking over what is possibly the last bastion of liberal progressivism in the US, was that turning the family van around from Pizza to go home during a common husband-wife argument is somehow, legally to be now considered “False Imprisonment”.

Which is utter nonsense. Bullshit even. If I am allowed to say this.

The real reason, and basis of my entirely personal opinion, is that Mirkarimi has always been the bigmouthed threat to the newly hegemonious business-class worshipping cult trying to take over San Francisco city government. Lee an accountant for God’s sake, with Gascon pulling his own aspirational strings ever since he slithered into town (from racist Arizona of all places!) systematically colluded and tried to destroy Mirkarimi who had deftly parked himself in the Sheriff slot, merely waiting for the right time to pounce and take the Mayorship back.

For good reason. San Francisco is most certainly a Liberal Progressive city. An experiment to be sure, but one with demonstrated great promise. San Francisco is not Charlotte. It is not For Sale on eBay. It is not the home of Twitter and the kind of non-value value-proposition posed for Vulture Capitalists and Goldman Sucks to worship, and when the sheen has inevitably eventually worn off, dump it on a gullibly eager Chinese investor. Likely introduced by Lee for a finder’s fee. A lowly Yahoo sale to Ali-Baba after the last rats have fled, the stern dips, and the aft begins to rise out of the water.

But speaking of rats deserting…

During the ordeal, Ross plead with the community he had ALWAYS rallied for, to return the favor. A most Iranain thing to do in the Bazari art of the haggle. And to my own surprise, when I polled us, the feeling was 50/50 at best. Not that he was guilty, or innocent, but whether or not he had abused his wife or not!

No support. Not even from PAAIA? PAAIA that portends to be the GOODNIAC, even has a proper lobby and hamechi, and supports every slightest, ill-equipped, unqualified, and unworthy candidate with a pulse, as long as they admit to being the slightest bit Iranian?
Although to be fair while he was un-controversial, they certainly took full credit for their support of his election win. But sadly, rather than think through it, and actually assess the damage, and put forth some much needed courage, they went into denial and the fetal position, and worse, total silence as soon as the crisis hit. No room for scandal at PAAIA! Right!

So, now we know. PAAIA certainly wants every Iranian to win, but if you get into the slightest trouble, even if you are innocent, where PAAIA is concerned, you are on your own Dude! Nice!

God Help Cyrus Habib now! Because he is endorsed by PAAIA, and I think I am supposed to vote for him as the next President of the United States or something!

Even EVILNIAC… wait, well I guess we should have expected EVILNIAC to abandon Ross because after all Ross is a Domestic Iranian-American Issue and it’s not like EVILNIAC actually cares about Domestic Iranian-American Issues. Especially those happening within the US (unless it involves Ryan Seacrest or Hollywood), and we know how EVILNIAC would rather delve into the far more profitable International waters, especially the eastern shores of the Persian (soon to be Arabian) Gulf coast.

The audacity and speed of our institutions abandoning not only our most successful politician to date, but our highest placed one, was nothing short of gulp and gob-stopping. Community giants one by one cowered at the slightest hint of the controversy.
Still today, many Iranian-Americans don’t seem to get that Ross never actually abused his wife! He only admitted to turning the van around. Which was then transmorphed into a False Imprisonment charge by his Jerry Lewis Bellboy lawyers. The thumb-sized barely-bruise, never ever made it as an official issue. But apparently Iranian-Americans feel comfortable indicting You by YouTube.

I did my best to pose the issue objectively with several articles (Article 1Article 2Article 3) and attempts to clarify the issue for us, but to not much avail. Hats off to those of you who dove in bravely to do the right thing and support Mirkarimi. As you should have done.

“Shame on those of you who once again sat by and watched yet another evil revolution take your rights and more importantly your happiness and pride away.”

This time there was no excuse. You either believed the weak media explanation, and were wrong, or you did your own investigation, including speaking to Ross (which I did and you too could have done easily), and let the facts and your look into Ross’ eyes and your own heart, determine what you thought the right thing to do was.

It wasn’t that hard folks. I am the master of least effort, one look at ALL the facts and a quick check in with Ross and it was a no-brainer. I felt so right about my understandig of the facts, I even told Ross 2 weeks ago that I did not feel any worry that he would be exonerated.

I told Ross while he had to beg to speak at what was at the tepidest meeting of Iranian Democrats who somehow feel that California is at risk for Obama, and that in this state, they actually need to vote for the President! Really? Obama winning California is now up to Iranian-Californians voting? Wow! The height of our arrogance and self importance is astounding.

To be safe however, since I am “that guy”, I did not watch the proceedings last night. Because, I am “that guy”. I am “that guy”, that when he watches the 49ers, or Giants, play, they always seem to lose. Worse if I actually go to a game.

So I shut off my computer and TV last night and one of the fewest times I do, I prayed for Ross to be vindicated.

“Today, I am happy that Ross Mirkarimi is the proud Iranian-American Sheriff of San Francisco, the highest elected Iranian-American official in history.”

I guess I have to now admit that prayer actually works! Because the Iranian community certainly doesn’t.

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