Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.

The Moon is just about to go from Amordad or Leo to Sharivar or Virgo. You should have really been creative and pushed your luck and expressed yourself.

With Moon going into Shahrivar or Virgo you need to tidy up your act. Get modest and look at the detail. It is nitty gritty time. Think practical. Ask yourself, “am I being realistic?” You may even become cynical.

But the great news is that Venus is around 8 degree Shahrivar. I happen to have loads of people in my life born around then. So anyone born in the first ten days of Virgo listen up. Love is on your side. You will shine tonight and tomorrow. It is a lucky moment when Moon touches Venus so much that in Islam it is depicted as a star and a crescent.

Mars is in Sagittarius or Azar and those born at the beginning of Azar will really have a lot of energy.

Jupiter is there in Gemini or Khordad and is giving them a lot of luck.

Saturn in Scorpio will make those born in the first week of Aban get very serious and practical. Their social responsibilies will increase, and so our Royal family will gain more importance in the public eye.

In general though it is time to clean and throw out junk. But don’t see everything in just black and white in a cold fashion.

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