After Watching VP Debate – I am Sure Israel was behind Libya Killings

Americans would be fools to allow Israel and the Republicans to secretly work together to bring down the Obama adminstration. This is reason alone to vote for the Democrats. And it is deeply disturbing.

Did you see the Vice Presidential debate last night? Isn’t it incredible that Martha would be coached to use this issue to try to humiliate the Obama adminstration and open up with questions about the Libyan embassy, when clearly the biggest issue facing America is NOT Libya – but how to manage a fiscal crisis going forward (created by the Republicans to begin with). When 4 Americans die in afghanistan last week it was no big deal, but when 4 Americans died in Libya its suddenly a big deal according to Martha Raddatz and the Republicans. They have myopic vision. And you really have to question their motivations.

You don’t become ABC news’s senior white house correspondent (i.e. a major political reporter for ABC [which should be called IBC, i.e. Israel’s Broadcasting Network) without a tremendous sympathy if not out right blatant support for Israel. ABC is a major vehicle for disseminating Israel’s propaganda. Just watch their nightly news service…any of their shows.  So when Martha opens up and closes with this issue, its clear that Israel and the Republicans have a scheme, just like 1980 to humiliate the Obama adminstration with the killings that occured in Libya at the U.S. embassy.

We now know that this attack on the U.S. embassy was a carefully drawn out plan, that the people that stormed the embassy were heavily armed professionals, and NOT part of the general demonstrators that were in that viscinity. We also know, that investigation into the crime is being hindered with FBI agents being pushed back from access to critical information. The people who invaded the embassy seem to have evaporated. 

Israel’s secret service did a great job parading as Libyans to pull off this killing. It was all planned. They knew exactly what they were doing. If I was in the FBI, I would very carefully log flights in and out of the country to Europe on private planes, and connect the movement to secondary flights to Israel. Get details on passengers, and investigate their manifests carefully. And find cameras to corroborate who came off those flights, where they stayed.

One other interesting twist to all this is that Bibi Netenyahu is calling a quick election in Israel. He is scared livid, that Obama will actually get re-elected and wants to buy himself 4 more years of protection before Obama has a chance to ‘influence’ Israel’s political landscape. As far as the Democrats are concerned Netenyahu is a dead man walking. Nothing will save him, not even the protections of Israel’s Prime Ministerial office.

But this really is NOT a Democrat vs Republican issue. That Israel, and indeed Netenyahu would take such a brazen step – to kill American diplomats and make it look like they were Arabs – and then try to influce the U.S. presidential campaign — and then get they reporter scums in the U.S. to try to make this an issue!! That is absolutely dispicable.

Americans should be ashamed of the Republicans. Americans should fundamentally question their alliance with Netenyahu. This is “shit” beyond belief. It is so tragic, I can not even imagine. Right now, I really hope Obama gets re-elected and that Joe Biden keeps his promise to go after the people that killed these American diplomats. Israel will do everything to hide the tracks of their agents. I urge, no I beg, U.S. investigators to truly dig into this – and not be fooled by false tracks the Israeli’s have laid down.

This is a blatant attempt to hijack American democracy and twist U.S. policy in their favor. It can not be allowed to happen. I said all along these demonstrations throughout the Arab world were set on fire by the Israeli’s and that they were being staged to influence U.S. elections. If this type of manipulation is allowed to occur – it will be the end of America. Americans wisen up. Do not be fooled. See through all this.

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