Bite your tongue Vice President Biden with that comment on Iran

Ryan, under pressure in debate, struggles to detail foreign policy:…

““These are the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions. Period,” Biden said. “There is nothing more that they say we should do than we have already done.””

Oh it makes my blood boil!

The US has openly told the whole world, that it does not stop the Chinese from importing oil from the Ayatollahs. Biden knows this, and yet he makes statements like that. He is a big liar.

The US has two massive companies in China, that basically run a slave trade there. We all know the working practices of Wal-Mart and Apple. No need for elaboration there. But look at the table above and understand who is keeping these wretched Ayatollahs alive.

Now this is the important bit. These companies need a lot of energy, and they need it cheap, to operate their factories in China. Where does the energy come from? It comes from the Ayatollahs in Iran. No decent humanitarian government in Iran, would provide energy to China, under the current working practices. But the Ayatollahs are not decent, or humanitarian.

People tell me, “But Ali, what are the alternatives? Surely it would be worse, if there were no companies in China”. The answer is, that the people of China are being ruled by a military regime that needs money. It cannot survive once its economy dives. And by the way it is falling at the moment. Time to abort China.

So what is the answer. The answer is for the oil not to be used for energy. The answer is for the US to establish its factories, in areas where people are treated humanely. There are plenty of governments around the world, that have such laws. I personally would prefer to pay more, for a product that has a label on it, that says that it was produced under humane working practices.…

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