Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

Today we had the New Moon in Mehr or Libra and in about five hours the Moon will enter Aban or Scorpio.

The New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle that matures in two weeks when it is the Full Moon. If your birthday is today then like our Empress of Iran Shahbanou Farah Diba you will have new beginnings. I have already written on all that.

It is best to know the time you are born to find out your Ascendant and then calculate which area of your life will be effected when all this happens. But if you do not know that then you just use your Sun sign. Once a month I run through all the signs.

For those of you born in Farvardin love has been your theme this month and in two weeks you will see the conflict between your personal assets and your joint assets.

For Ordibehesht it has been your health and in two weeks you will see face your love and legal issues will come to a boil. 

For Khordad it has been your lucky month and you will now have to think about clearing out the office and work environment.

For Tir you have been busy at home and now is the time to look into trying your luck in the next two weeks.

For Amordad you have been thinking and chatting a lot and now is the time to settle down and look at the past and your family roots.

For Shahrivar you have been busy taking care of money and your personal belongings. Well now try to do all that thinking and whispering to your close friends.

For Mehr you have been thinking about yourself and now think about your personal assets.

For Aban you have been chillin and escaping this world. Well wakey wakey get on the training circuit and think about yourself.

For Azar you have been into politics and social networking. Well know you need to chill and reflect on all that you did in the past year.

For Day you have been looking at your social status and career. Now is the time to look at social networks and politics.

For Bahman you have been travelling and doing some research. Now go and look at your social status and career.

For Esfand you have been involved in handling joint assets taxes or other people’s money. Now go and do some travelling and research.

And as far as the next few days are concerned the Moon will touch Saturn and Mercury. So set up some secret meetings about joint projects. Think long term. Be careful not to give too many secrets away. Passion will be strong. Cut to the bone. Get to the bottom of everything. Release your emotions. Face your nightmares.

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