In all seriousness, who do you think is going to save Iran?

Between early 1979 and 1980 Iranians (mostly men) between the ages of 17-65 give or take, took to the streets chanting “death to Shah” and other idiotic slogans such as “hezb vaghat hezbollah, rahbar faghat roohollah”.  These are the same men who still mostly refer to Khomeini as Imam when they talk about him or the revolution. 

The only thing these men ever did for Iran was to push Iran and Iranians from “chaaleh” into “chaah”.  Replacing the Pahlavi regime with that of the creature known as Khomeini.  And as a result, for the past 34 years brought about serious oppression on all Iranians, especially the women and religious minorities of Iran.   

This group of Iranian men has no common sense, no conscience, no courage, no humanity and no balls.  To rely on these so called men to bring about change and reform in Iran is like waiting for a gay man to get an erection at a strip club.

Fortunately these men are not the majority now.  Most Iranian males are between the ages of 18-38.

Unfortunately, these men who are in minority have and control all the money and power in Iran.  Without money, any sort of power and access to fire arms, what is the young generation to do?  Same thing as in June-July 2008?  What good did that do?

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