Either you want war, or you want peace

Once again my writings here will most likely piss off some people but some things need to be said.

First a quick summary:

If you are voting for Romney you are voting for war with Iran.

If you think sanctions are justified then you have been brainwashed by propaganda originating from the war party and the Israeli lobby.

If you think innocent Iranians should be made to suffer so that a government “friendly” to the West’s hegemonic interests is installed in Iran then you are a “khianat-kar”.

If you are not reading the writings of Prof. Mohammad Sahimi and those on Lobelog.com and Antiwar.com then it is best you not vote because you are most likely uninformed about the real issues and have been watching too much Fox News.

And if you are now pissed off with what you have read so far then it is a very good sign that you don’t have the interests of the Iranian people at heart or are simply so badly informed that your perception of reality has been hijacked by those that are seeking war on Iran.

Before you trot out the accusations of “cyber Basij” and other crap like that let me tell you about the real Iran and not the Iran you think you know about from the comfort and safety of your expatriate home.

Iran is in deep trouble and people are starting to suffer, and things will get much much worse. And if you take action this suffering can be made less. (Not voting for Romney is one of those actions. Working to deliver much needed medicines blocked by the sanctions is another.)

The problems in Iran are rooted in many mistaken ideas, with one big mistaken idea being nuclear energy production. The other central problem is the economic management of the country, or should I say, mismanagement.

I am no academic or economist or anything like that but this is what I see. Supposedly 80 percent of the Iranian economy is controlled and operated by the state sector. From what I have experienced of government run organizations and companies the staff come to work at 9 a.m. and generally become functional around 10 a.m. and around noon it becomes hard to get a hold of anybody and by 1 p.m. nobody can be found to take care of business. Around 2 p.m. some people show up but only a few with most key people gone for the day as government office hours end at 2.30 p.m.

Of course a country will soon collapse if this is how things are run. It doesn’t matter how hard you pray to Allah for things to go right when inefficiency, unproductively, poor time management, upside down regulations that create log jams, and basic decisions and policies that go against the laws of economics and reality are rampant throughout every government agency and government owned company.

When giving bribes are the only way to get anything done it become proof positive that how things are managed need top to bottom re-design and re-organization.

The bottom line is that the Iranian people are being forced to suffer because of poor management, on all levels, and in all sectors.

Now the other thing you need to keep in mind is that grown men and women in Iran are unable to schedule a meeting that starts on time and are not able to show up on time for anything, and seem incapable of organizing their lives beyond the next few hours. For example, if you call a few days ahead or a week ahead to schedule a meeting with anybody in a government office the response is always the same; call that morning to see how the day is going. So you call in the morning and often the response you get is that the person is in a meeting that nobody can tell you when will come to an end, or the person is on “ma-moo-arriyaat”….which can mean anything, including being out of town or shopping for groceries or trying to sell some dollars.

As far as running a business or a project the level of incompetence is so extreme that the only way anything gets done is through a chaotic process of trial and error. Rarely is any proper planning done or anything thought through properly. It’s just a mindless undisciplined blundering forward process that always is amazing to witness because things do actually do get done here! And what keeps it all from falling apart is the Iranian’s innate ability to improvise and use his or her smarts to figure out a solution to fit the problem. What I have discovered is that Iranians are very intelligent and clever and can be very hard working but show them a way out from having to do their best they will take it. Don’t ever underestimate Iranians; that has been my observation. And beware of the wrath of revenge of an Iranian because anybody that has known an Iranian knows that they will move sky and mountain to get revenge. But living here these past eleven years has opened my eyes to what a peaceful society feels like; unlike America, where one has to be on constant guard against an act of violence. Even in the most expensive neighborhoods one does not feel safe in America. It is a society in degeneration. It is a sick society.

This whole nuclear nonsense can easily be solved and all it will take is a meeting between those that have the power to make a decision. Anybody else giving an opinion on what needs to be done is just wasting time and creating more problems.

At the moment Obama may be able to cut a deal with Iran but he does not have the power to bring along the Congress and Senate if he was to agree to remove the sanctions.

So why should Iran even take anything Mr. Obama has to say seriously if he does not have the power to carry through his promises?

Most everybody knows that the sanctions on Iraq were only removed YEARS after it was invaded and destroyed.

Do you really think Iran is going to go along with anything Mr. Obama has to offer with a track record like that?

Seriously. Wake up people. Either you want war, or you want peace.

Either the military industrial complex backs off and says we have killed and destroyed and made enough profits for now; go ahead have some peace, or they are going to pull every lever of power they have to keep the killing going.

Hegemonic control of the Middle East is the key central issue because 65% of easily recoverable resources of fossil fuels of the planet are within either within Iran’s borders or within 300 miles of Iran’s borders.

So of course Iran is Number One National Security Issue.

No, it is not nukes.

That’s just to fool most of the people most of the time.

Scaring you is the oldest trick in the book and shouting “Nukes!” is to fool you to look the other way while they go after what they are really after.

These days hegemonic control is being conducted through the latest war toy, Drones, straight out of “Terminator”. Everybody wants them.

After all, aren’t those drones just great! Just like a real video game, but with real blood and guts! Must be great to be President…every American boys dream…to become President…and have his own personal death list he can go over every morning…and by the afternoon see the live video images of the “bug splats”…which everybody forgets is somebody’s child, somebody’s husband, somebody’s father, somebody’s mother.

There now exists solid documentation that 80% of those killed by Drones have been innocent people that did not have any association with a terrorist.

Is that what Billions of Dollars are being spent on? To see which of you can be the Biggest Meanest Mother Fucker on the Planet? Fuck You and Your Elections! Fuck You and Your Fucking Democracy! Fuck You and Your Freedom! Fuck You America!

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