Muslims in the U.S. should be deported unless allegiance to U.S. is sworn under oath.

I was at a “wealth management” seminar earlier today.  Not because I am wealthy. Because it was free breakfast at a really nice and expensive hotel with great view.  Seated at our table in addition to me were 7 other people; 2 White American couples in their early to late 40s, an Indian-American couple, a Russian-American man in his late 20s/early 30s and a divorced Jewish-American female attorney in her 50s.

Unlike most chit chat at tables in seminars where most of the table talk is about benign subjects such as the weather and sports, the conversation at our table was about politics; and it was somewhat heated.

Four people at the table were White ultra conservatie Republicans, 2 people were liberal democrats and 2 were sort of independent/neutral.  I know I am labeling everyone but bear with me.

At some point, after issue of wars and costs associated with them and the effect on the economy was discussed, one of the conservative men at the table said “I am not against immigrants…none of them….Mexicans, Chinese, Muslims whatever….but if we are going to let in ten of thousands of Muslims in the country every year we better ask them to swear under oath that their allegiance is with the United States…not Islam…..we don’t want a whole bunch of Jihadist to take over this country in 10-20 years who don’t give a damn about our country and freedoms and all they want is to force the Quran and the Sharia law on everyone”.

The discussion at our table didn’t really get anywhere and that discussion is not the point of this blog post.

As I was driving to work, I got thinking; that’s really not a bad idea.  But what about people who lie as easy as they breathe?

I can’t comment on people from other countries.  But I know for damn sure Iranians lie like there is no tomorrow; whether under oath or otherwise.  It’s just a good thing that unlike Sunni Muslims from the Arab countries Iranians are not into Jihad and most don’t care a lot about Islam or Islamic law.  Specially after having lived in the West for 10+ years.

Otherwise, as an Iranian-American who calls the U.S. home, I have mixed feelings about people who live in the U.S. but have allegiance to something or someone other than America.

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