Give Obama Another Chance!

As an Iranian-American who voted for Obama four years ago, I would like to give him another chance in this election to accomplish his goals. If Romney moves into the White House, he will stick to his guns and God, bomb Iran, deport millions of Latino immigrants, limit women’s control over their bodies, cut benefits for the poor, elderly and disabled, abolish Obama care, ignore the catastrophic impact of greenhouse emissions on the environment, choose more conservative members for the Supreme Court, destroy NPR and PBS, and so on… With his anti-government ideology, Romney will kill all the jobs that Obama’s economic stimulus package has created in the last four years. Obama models his plan for economic recovery on FDR’s successful New Deal, and Romney on Bush’s disastrous selloff of the country to billionaires.

Obama’s election to the office was historical because it gave America a chance to come to terms with its racist past. Romney wants to “take back America,” that is, he wants to hold back America from progress toward racial equality. For Romney, Obama’s first term was only an aberration from the norm. If we give Obama another chance, America will have a golden opportunity to strengthen a colorblind democracy.

For those of you who want to vote for Romney, I have a deal. If you live in Ohio, Iowa or Florida, I can switch my vote with yours. You vote for Obama in your related states and I will vote for Romney in California!

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