Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Tir or Cancer 2012.

The Moon just went from Khordad or Gemini to Tir or Cancer. Tir has to do with our home, past, heritage, family. You need to feel the now. What you do based on what your impulses are is important. Naturally you will only react to what you have experienced in the past and that is the connection of the past to the present.

The present is made of four elements and today I will dwell on this. These is the past, as it reaches to the present, which is Tir. Next is the future, as it reaches back to the present, that is Day or Capricorn. They are two polar opposites like Ohrmazd and Ahriman or Yin Yang (een va oon as we say in Persian). Then we have another pair. They are the Farvardin or Aries and Mehr or Libra. Farvardin is your being or self or existance or the I am. Mehr is the bond or the we are in your life. So what you think of your self and what you both think effect the present.

Why did I choose this moment to give all this info? Look at the wheel. Look at where Moon Pluto Uranus and Venus are. They are in Cancer Day Farvardin and Mehr right now. So it is special moment to experience as the Moon makes it all complete.

These four areas cannot be reconciled. Each comes from a totally area of space time. It is depicted in all civilizations. So much of human experience is tied to this cross. Salibe Mehregan we call it but it is obviously more than that. I can literally write four books on this subject and I am sure you have read 40 books on this matter.

What is practical to state is that the Moon is triggering the four planets right now and so you need to use this moment to find your path. We have had quite a shock in the US with the Hurricane Sandy.

Now look at the great angle the Moon is making to Saturn in Scorpio or Aban. It forces people to think about rising out of the hell they are in like a Phoenix. Saturn is practical an purposeful. No messing around. It will find the long term hard learned meanings and force them on you. Some people learn to overcome hate and all that rubbish associated with death and devil. It is none of that. It is the wall you create to accept fear. It is a form of delusion and confusion. It does not exist, as you can reinvent yourself and just accept to exist.

So the moment is to accept to exist and be happy with what you are now from the four points of view I have mentioned. Move forward. Pluto is breaking the social structures so no business will stand in your way. Uranus is shaking all the egos and no one can rely on their their personality or a personality to lead. But Venus is in Libra or Mehr and good old love will come to save the day.

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