Down with Persian chauvinism; Viva Turk and Arab Chauvinism

I don’t know why Persians are so arrogant, merciless and chauvinistic. For example they, starting from China’s Turkistan, attacked all the (Turkish) land they had in sight up till modern day Turkey. And that was how Aran became northern Azerbaijan .

As another example they invaded Khuzestan. As everybody knows since the dawn of civilization Arabs have been living in “Arabistan” (just as they did in Jerusalem). But the god-damn Persians invaded them from Arabian Peninsula and changed the name of the region to Khuzestan. So the province that in Sasanid time was dubbed “India of Iran” became a wreck that we see today.

The word “torktazi” manifestly indicates how Persian brutality has scarred the peole of the region.
Persians have been so Chavinistic that the’ve spent their oil money on building factories like Tabriz’s Mashinsazi, have let hundreds of thousands of Azeris to come and thrive in Tehran and have specified “regional quotas” for people of different regions in state-funded universities of Tehran.

Persians have been so backward that they did not learn anything from the “civilized world” who created gangs like KKK, abandoned Spanish language in California or banned Islamic hijab from public schools in France, all to preserve “their identity”. Not even from Israelis who kicked milions of people out to claim their ancestral land, the land they ruled more than 2000 years ago.

One of the most hideous crimes of Persians against humanity is providing all Iranian people with a language that all can use for communicating with other groups. (Similar to the role of English on the international scale.) This language was even used by Arabs for govermental needs in early Islamic centuries.

I once read an article by an Arab activist in which he was complaining why Iranian government was introducing contraception among Arab people of Khuzestan. Hence the name of this article.

I’ve not included Kurds because 1-I think they’ve been really subject to injustice 2-They’ve been in Kurdestan since the dawn of civilization and 3-They’ve never attacked (other parts of) Iran.

Disclaimer: Yes, Islamic Republic is, unfortunately, run mostly by Persians.

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