The King of Iran’s Train

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His Station
Our King, Cyrus Reza Pahlavi, celebrated his Birthday on 31st of October. Without wanting to get into the Astrology in this blog, it looks like with the task master Saturn entering Aban or Scorpio, and getting close to the King’s Sun, it is forcing him to get practical. His Station is Head of the Royal Institution. His journey was written when he was born. He is on track, be it his own or the Royal one.

The Holy Royal Track
To meet his responsibility, our King has actually not acted like a King. He did not get up on the platform, and tell everyone I am the driver of this train, and I am going to Iran. He did not on the preconception that he would be seen as a dictator. That is wrong, as people will always see him as a person who was born into his duty. From a spiritual perspective, he has the Holy Farr. It is that which has protected the Kings of Iran, or the Kings of all ancient Kingdoms and Empires.

His own Track and Train
Instead he decided to stay on the platform, with the rest of the passengers. He will not board the Royal Train. He wants to build his own train, and track and let the people join in with him. He does not want to tell people what to do, as that would make him look dictatorial. Throughout the interview he is asked, “why do you need to get people’s votes to have your mandate to create the Iranian Opposition?”. He stumbles and waffles ad infinitum.

Xenophon on Cyrus’s Training
It has taken almost two generation for our King to be King. He refuses to show leadership in a pronounced way, and puts his fellow man first. It reminds me of a story in Xenophon’s Cyropaedia, when Cyrus takes on the role of the Cup Bearer:

““Well, grandfather,” said he, “bid Sacas give me the cup, that I also may deftly pour for you to drink and thus win your favour, if I can.””…

Cyrus the Great
As such Iranians are very humble, and our King has gone to the greatest depths of humility and humbleness to show his feeling at the grass roots level. But perhaps the most important statement that Cyrus the Great makes is this, which reflects some of the attitudes our King has now:

“I, too, was thus trained by my country and yours to give precedence to my elders—not merely to brothers but to all fellow-citizens—on the street, in the matter of seats, and in speaking; and so from the beginning, my children, I have been training you also to honour your elders above yourselves and to be honoured above those who are younger. Take what I say, therefore, as that which is approved by time, by custom, and by the law.”…

It is then quite graceful for our King to act in this way. Like Cyrus the Great he listen to all people and I am sure he is enlightened.

More on Cyropaedia from Harvard:…

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