Astrology of Sun in Aban and Moon in Amordad or Leo 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Aban and Moon in Amordad or Leo 2012.

The Moon has just moved into Amordad or Leo. When it was in Tir we had to think about family, roots and how the past links to the present. I wrote on Iranian history and our heritage.

Once you establish your roots you can plan to expand and take chances. Amordad is all about risk, game, and all sorts of expression. And this time the Moon is making great angles to Mercury and Mars in Azar, and of course Uranus. There is this magical triangle now that will fill the air with so much energy.

So get out your quill. Dip it into ink and write. Put those new sports shoes on and get a real work out. It is that simple and there is little else needed to say. Enjoy the energy for the next couple of days especially of you are born in Farvardin Amordad or Azar.

With the US elections it means good times this year, then it gets rough in a year, and then better again.

On the love side Venus is now finally movimg away from awkward yet exciting adventures of Uranus. So tomorrow we get good angles to Venus and it bodes well for making peace and signing contracts.

All in all a good time to be in. Enjoy.

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