Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.

The Moon went to Shahrivar a few hours ago. Now is the time to sort out all the chances we all took in the past couple of days, when the Moon was in Amordad or Leo.

There are moments in your life, when you just look at what reality is, as presented in logical practical ways. Forget dreaming and coming up with what if’s. Look around you and use common sense. Talk to a Virgo. Seriously. They are the doers. Look at their desk. Everything is organized. No time is wasted.

As great as it sounds, Virgo energy will go too far and get into silly hair splitting details. That is when it all becomes a bit like Commander Data or Doctor Spock of Star Trek. So for now be a Mr Babbage. Clean out the rubbish. See things in quanitifiable entities.

Mercury is in retrograde until 26 November and that means that you need to double check your appointments. US elections prediction with the Moon in Leo with Obama’s Birthday was spot on. But this four year term will be awful. You really do not want Mercury retrograde. So trade treaties will not work. Endless promises and let downs.

Mars is going to be going into Capricorn soon and that will make businesses and managers very happy. This will be the time to lead and build on social projects. More on this later as it gets close to Pluto and shakes a few governments and we get even more Earthquakes. Be ready.

Venus is making great angles to Jupiter, so enjoy that. Makes great relationships. So all in all exciting times ahead with a lot of changes.

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