Women elect Obama and will save Iran

Women voters carry Obama to victory on historic election night | World news | The Guardian:

“”When you look at unmarried women, they are very often the head of their families or taking care of elders. What they saw in Mitt Romney was someone who had disdain for them – as part of the 47%. He wanted to cut after-school programmes, Head Start, food stamps and job training programmes.””


The 2012 US Presidential election was not between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, but between the women in their lives. In particular it was about the role of women in America. The women of America said a big fat “NO” to the religious women.

In Iran, we have exactly the same situation. We need to define the role of women in the new Iran we want to make. We need modern Iranian women to be shown to the world. But what we see are images of Iranian women being subjugated under the Ayatollahs. They have been banned from most university courses. They are seen as slaves to Islam. They are not.

Our Empress Farah is a gracious example, of what Iranian women, and all Iranian men respect. She is a positive symbol of an older generation, that put Iran at the front and centre of up and coming countries of the world. But now it is somewhere else I care not to mention.

Our women have had to leave Iran and settle outside on their own. We have numerous single mothers who abandoned their loved ones, to start again outside Iran, because of fanatical moslem men. But these queens of Iran have toughed it out. They are some of the hardiest yet strong willed people I had the pleasure to meet. Some work 20 hours a day, and raise the children they were forced to have.

There is no group or organization outside Iran to help the plight of the modern Iranian woman in exile. We then need an official organization that is secular to help the plight of the Iranian women. To that end, I think that the Obama organization together with the UN should set up a fund to help Iranian women in need.

Women’s rights in the US have come a long way. Their policies have pushed the frontiers ever since this nation was created. As an Astrologer it does not surprise me as US Horoscope has Moon in Aquarius. And of course it was really easy to predict Obama getting elected as his Ascendant is Aquaruius and he is a Leo. The election took place when Moon was in Leo.

This next four years will see a lot of Iranian women who had left Iran become very active. Most of them left when their children were young. Now their children have grown up and have time to organize. They, unlike the Iranian men, talk and organize. So I see no problems with them using the same knowledge that the black US or other minorities in US used to get ahead politically against stubborn bone-headed men like Ayatollahs.


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