Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012.

The Moon went to Azar or Sagittarius around Noon London Time. Moon in Azar gives optimism. Go and discover the meaning in your life.

You just had a period when you had to share very sensitive emotional energy, with the Moon in Aban. You might have had to face some bitter truth. Well now you can put your philosopher’s cap on, and get a meaning. Don’t be logical. You might find your Yasna (prayer).

We have Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini and Mars in Sagittarius. All three will be triggered in the next few days.  It will energise everybody to in their ways.

Uranus is all about corporate connections and thinking beyond conventional. With Moon making great angles you should be able to find your unique ambitions come to fruition.

Next the Moon will make an opposition to Jupiter which will bring some cheer with your neighbours, near friends and next of kin.

In a couple of days the Moon will line up with Mars and that will fire up your day. Get some training done. Don’t lose your temper.

Nothing major is going on elsewhere that is too different than a couple of days ago. Venus is making legal transations smooth and the Sun will slowly line up with Mercury, as Mercury is in retrograde until 26 November. So double check appointments and all the small print.

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