NIAC & Sattar

1- Sattar Beheshti, a 35-year-old factory worker, was the sole breadwinner/caretaker of his elderly sick mother.

For his fact based weblog entries criticizing the regime in Iran, Sattar was arrested by the Cyber Police and within a week his badly tortured lifeless body was buried under the watchful eyes of the security goons.

2- As soon as the news reached the free world, condemnation of this senseless savagery began and has continued.

EU, U.S. and many organizations, particularly the ones focused on Iran, have saw fit to raise their voice against this gross violation of basic human rights. As of this writing, NIAC Lobby which claims it carries out the wishes of its Iranian-American members has chosen to stay silent.


For not immediately issuing even a one line official statement condemning the barbarism meted out to Sattar, are the dues paying Iranian-American members of NIAC Lobby crass and uncaring about the systematic violation of human rights in Iran, or NIAC’s claim of only doing what its members ask of it is just a fib?

What gives?

NIAC Lobby, respond!

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