Are Israel’s actions justified to protect her citizens?

Many may have opinions and strong feelings towards existence of Israel and what has happened in the past 60+ years. But, one fact remains and that’s the legitimate formation of the state of Israel. One might argue post 67 war and some land issues, but, that remains to be the subject of the never ending peace process. In the mean time Israel has resorted to some extreme measures to protect her citizens. Such extremes, (in the eyes of many), has been viewed as implementing apartheid and inhumane.

As a simple minded individual, I am really puzzled to resolve this conflict in my mind. If someone or a group threatens my existence (in spite of my being more powerful) how am I supposed to humanly defend myself? Should I let the aggressor loose to hurt me to the point that I’m about to die before I react? OR should I keep the aggressor in check and prevent him from attack? What am I supposed to do if he attacks? If he breaks my arm, am I supposed to break his arm or if I have the ability, should I put him completely out so he would not harm me again? What would you do? Even if you consider the aggressor to be righteous, in light of the realities on the ground, what do you suppose the right reaction from Israel should be? Should they give into the existential threat (even at the price of giving up their land position)?

Any insightful response without re-hashing the history is very much appreciated.

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