Iran Missiles reach Tel Aviv

Yesterday during the latest terrorist Hamas initiated tit-for-tat exchange of fire with Israel and killing of civilians including children; sirens in Tel Aviv began blaring. The last time these sirens went off was when Saddam Hussein lobbed missiles at Israel.

Hamas has admitted it fired Chinese designed, Messianic Islamist manufactured, liquid-fuel Fajr 5 missiles. There are reports that they’ve fired few more Fajr today.

One missile is confirmed to have landed southeast of Tel Aviv, two others landed in the sea.

This is bad news; here are just a few of many reasons why:

Messianic Islamists, along with the Battist and Hezbollah terrorists, are actively involved in the ongoing pogroms in Syria.

They refuse to heed numerous UNSC resolutions ordering it to stop exporting arms and stop the illegal nuke program which has put Iran and Iranians in a dire situation.

They constantly yap about “wiping Israel off the map”, confronting U.S. and doing this that and the other vicious things to many others.

With this resume’, some sane world leaders might be tempted to take military action, this would be wrong.

Sanctions have begun to do their job; trust in the Iranians to go Iranian on their common nemesis with the sane world, a bit of logistical help would speed up the process though.

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