Who has killed the most Israeli?

Some of our “learning” friends, who have never visited Israel or even read a single book on the subject, maintain a hateful attitude towards the Jewish State and believe that by destruction of Israel, Middle East will be the Paradise-on-Earth again! This entry level “course” on Israel is also for those, who naively think that Israel-loves-Iran or that Iran should love Israel … get rid of the mullahs and we will be able to live happily-ever-after together! Both sides need to open their eyes and smell the Moses.

Israel is a tiny country, but tough as nail, because it was born out of war, blood and fire. The agonizing route of Jewish people’s return to the nation of Israel, has taken them 2000 years and immeasurable pains and suffering. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, most Jews were adamantly against an independent Jewish state, because of their orthodox fear that, “only after the return of Moshe the savior, shall the Jews return to Erez Israel, or risk the wrath of Hashem who would let loose their enemies to hunt them like prey, all around the world.”

In early 1900’s, many of them sensed the rising anti-Semitism in their key homelands of Eastern Europe and Russia, but mostly thought that the solution was mass immigration to the Western world, especially Germany which many went on to affectionately and foolishly call “Jerusalem”.  Well, we all know the sad ending to that story, eh?

Zionism as the doctrine to establish an independent Jewish state was born out of the Russian progroms, Polish atrocities and German holocaust. The original leaders were a bunch of idealists (mostly Socialists) who were harshly treated by even the mainstream of their own society, as atheists and outcasts. They were nobodies and had nothing, except for strong wills and rugged determination.

Those SOBs migrated to a harsh, barren and disease infested land, owned for 500 years by the Ottomans, and operated by the British after the 1st World War. They were mostly dewy-eyed Kibbutz settlers who dreamed of establishing a secular utopia, where the Jew and the Arab could live peacefully and happily together. On hindsight: what were they smoking?  

But this world is created by courageous idealists, who don’t know their ass from their elbows, who foolishly try and fail and try again, until one of them succeeds. And the victor who succeeded was a little man with a giant head, call Ben-Gurion. And what a man he was! A boy shunned by his own family for harboring Socialist-Zionist ideals. A poor young man, toiling like a little slave on Ottoman lands. A restless agitator fighting the British, for the Jews fleeing the Nazi.  The prophet of fire, who established the Nation of Israel, single-mindedly and against an array of friends and foes, all telling him not to declare independence!

Born out of the tear-and-blood of Holocaust, Israel was immediately attacked by everyone. The British hated it as the handy work of a bunch of leftist socialist agitators. The Arabs hated it as a land-grabbing scheme by the greedy Jews. The Communists hated it, as a diversion and agitation among their own Jewish population. So right after birth, everyone attacked Israel … and that confirmed the Jewish belief that they can only depend on themselves for survival.  

Now, back to our original question: Who has killed the most Israeli? If you think that Islamists and Jihadists have been the worst enemies of Israel and have killed the most Israelis, then consider these facts:

1.       All the Arab countries that attacked the new born Israel were “moderate” monarchies, including Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria. Ten times more Israelis were killed during the 1948 independence wars, than all the following conflicts combined!

2.       Even after overthrow of their “corrupt” kings, the new republics of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, etc. kept attacking Israel. Ten times more Israelis have been killed by the secular Arab republics in the 1956-73 period, than all the Islamist terrorist actions combined.

3.       Even Israel’s supposedly BFF countries like Turkey and Iran, have eventually turned against them. Currently, the only existential threat to Israel comes from its longstanding “best-friend and natural ally”, Iran!

Therefore, Israel’s survival in the tough Mid East neighborhood depends on maintaining a position of undisputable and fearsome power. Anything less than that, and Israel will be susceptible to all sorts of attacks.

For that reason, Israel cannot and will not ever trust another Mid East country, beyond a very cautious point. Israel can only behave like a porcupine, always with guards up and ready to attack … attacks that can inflict bloody and expensive damage on any enemy willing to try and “wipe Israel off the map” … and no shortage of those lunatics in the Middle East. Today, the message of Israel is very simple: “Don’t fuck with us, or we will fuck the Shiite out of you.” It behooves anyone dealing with the Jewish State, to keep that simple message in mind.

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