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Missiles-to-Iran case: Extradited UK bizman Christopher Tappin admits missile plot in plea deal – What’s On Chengdu……

What is important, is how this newspaper in Chengdu prints this bit of news. One of them got caught in the act.

We read every day now that “Iran” has supplied a rocket that has hit Tel Aviv. This is not true. The rockets are made in Chengdu.

Chengdu is in China. By the way, most of world’s highest technology are from Chengdu. Intel’s processors are made there. Very little of what you use is not made there.
So natually the question that comes to my mind is, why is the world, and in particular Mr Obama, not looking at the root of the problem. US people are in Chengdu. They have huge operations there. Israelis are there. And above all, IRGC from Qom are there. The Palestinians must be there.

Chengdu is serving all the parties concerned with regard to the problems in the Middle East, and not one word is being mentioned in the press. They blame it on “Iran”.

Just imagine President Obama telling the new Gemini President of China that you need to sort out the exports of missiles to Gaza via Qom. They need to catch a few more traders. This new President of China will flip his mind in a second. He is a Gemini, just like Biden.

The worst part of all this is that the Iranian people are being dragged into all this, by the Israeli press associating the rockets to Iran. And of course the IRGC love being blamed by the IDF. All this helps them to keep their jobs, as elections loom in the distance, for Israeli and mullah hardliners. They feed on each other.

Imagine the BBC went to the weapons factory in Chengdu, and stuck a microphone up the owner’s nose, and asked him a few questions. That would do the trick wouldn’t it. The world press will not simplify the issue. They will not look at the real source of the problem namely a town called Chengdu.…

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