Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012

Astrology of Sun in Aban or Scorpio and Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012.

The Moon just went from wild and crazy Bahman mood to mellow very inituitive artistic Esfand or Pisces. 

We have a rare moment in the next couple of days. The Moon will make some really good angles to a lot of planets and Sun in Aban or Scorpio.

Right now the Moon is making great angle to Saturn or Keyvan. Keyvan is the practical long term discipline that you need to develop. It has been confused with Satan and it is not. It will punish you if you are not lawful and fair and with Deen or trust. Can you think of that hard cold reality. Well that is Keyvan. It means well and you will learn.  So if you have fear of something, now is the time to deal with it.

Later the Moon makes good angles with Mercury and it will help you make good contacts and get a lot of everyday chores done, even though you will be stood up for not double-checking your appointments.

In a couple of days the Moon will make a great angles with the Sun, as the Sun says goodbye to Aban. It is a lucky day. Go and gamble. Play sports. Flirt. Paint. Just express your deepest feelings. It is a time when you will be driven by a hidden force.

This is a moment when we will all be drawn to do things without any reason at all. You will drift in and out of things. Go and visit an art museum. Opera. A Gig. You like shoes, well you will find them now. Want to do your pedicure, do it. Get your eye lashes done. Get an eye test.

But above all be charitable. Sepandarmarzi is what it’s all about. This is the time to deal with the selfless side of your life. Try this. You see a traffic jam, give way and suddenly you will be out of the jam. This is the moment of parallel universes. Find the other versions of yourself. Enjoy sliding in and out.

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