1 Israeli = 33 Palestinians

After eight days of bloodletting in the terrorist Hamas initiated hostilities with Israel, a ceasefire has been announced.

The blows Israel suffered from the nearly 1,500 mostly Iran provided missiles and rockets were greatly softened by her Iron Dome Missile Shield System. Although no infrastructure damage, five Israelis lost their lives from the few missiles that got through.

On the other hand, Israel’s firm response has had devastating consequences on the Strip’s infrastructure and, as of now, the loss of 162 lives and many, many more injured.

Coming less than a month after Israeli air force destroyed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s arms factory in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, where Hamas’ missiles and rockets were manufactured, and by all accounts the excellent protection the Iron Dome provided against the swarm of incoming missiles, one question comes to mind:

Besides the loss of its arms stockpile, loss of fighters, proving the effectiveness of Israel’s Iron Dome Shield, bringing ruination, misery, death on the hapless Palestinian civilians and terrorising the Israeli population, what did Terrorist Hamas get out of its gambit which according to French Foreign Minister, Iran has a “extremely heavy responsibility” for it?

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