A U.S. Invasion of Iran Would Cost World Economy $1.7 Trillion, Researchers Say

A full-blown U.S. invasion, occupation and disarmament of Iran would cost the global economy almost $2 trillion in the first three months alone, according to a special report released by the DC-based Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

The decision to invade and disarm Iran means Washington would impose a naval blockade and no-fly zone against the Islamic Republic, and would require “large numbers” of American troops on the ground inside Iran in order to systematically destroy the country’s military bases and nuclear power installations, according to the report.

The special FAS study, entitled “Sanctions, Military Strikes, Other Potential Actions Against Iran,” aggregates the findings of nine bipartisan “subject matter experts” affiliated with a vast range of entities such as private consulting firms, investment banks, think-tanks and universities, to present the net global economic cost (or benefit) of six hypothetical U.S. policy options on Iran. To read the rest of the article on Huffington Post Politics, please copy and paste the following link: 


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