US Foreign Policy Leans Towards Forced Hijab

As we learn from events in Syria, the current policy of using Islamic extremists to overthrow secular governments definitely endangers Christians and anyone else* who does not share the beliefs of Islamic extremists. I recently interviewed a young Christian who lives in Damascus, who concludes that, “If Salafists come to power, they will force Christian women to wear hijab (cover their hair) — not only Muslims. Salafists sheiks announce on Al Arabia and Al Jazeera that Taliban and Al Qaeda are infidels — so imagine how rigorous the Salafists are!!!”
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Please share this article with your friends, colleagues and congregation. And please question US government financial, intelligence and military support for violent Islamic extremists and mercenaries who are spun as “rebels,” but who are in fact rigorously highjacking and subverting the indigenous freedom and democracy movement in Syria.

*moderate Muslims, musicians, artists, and all religious minorities 

Wearing hijab by choice is an exercise in freedom. But being forced to wear hijab against one’s will is an excercise in tyranny. 



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