Iran give away

UPI reports:

“Citing official Jordanian sources it did not identify, CNN Arabic reported Friday Jordan sees Iran’s offer as “a political deal … oil for religious tourism and certain political attitudes toward the Syria crisis serve the Iranian position.

Mostafa Mosleh-Zadeh, the Iranian ambassador to Jordan, said Wednesday his nation would supply Jordan with oil and other energy considerations for 30 years in exchange for goods Iran requires and for allowing Shiites to visit religious sites in Jordan.”

In other words, stealing 3 billion dollars at a time is not enough.

Wasting uncounted billions on white elephant projects just does not do it.

Giving billions to the Russians for the never completing Bushehr reactor and at the same time putting Iran and Iranians in imminent danger over the illegal weaponized nuke program, is not sufficient.

Neither is financially supporting and illegally supplying offensive weapons to assortment of terrorists around the world including Hamas and Hezbollah.

Not even paying for and participating in the slaughter of more than 40,000 in Syria will do.

It seems giving away for the next 30 years the national wealth of Iranians to Jordanians is just another attempt at further ruination of Iran and Iranians. 

ps. Apparently Egyptians are not interested in some freebies, also read this too. 

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