Islamo Fascist Paedophiles in London.

The following video clip, shown proudly on Islamist regime’s TV network, shows a “Taklif ceremony”, held in London for the 9 year old daughters –who have by shiat sharia law become women– of the Lovely Islamists who had stolen enough money to abandon the islamist hell hole republic of Iran for London and all the goodies that the kafir yet Liberal England has to offer, such as affordable food, free healthcare, education, housing, freedom of speech ….basically all the goodies that the rest of Iranians left behind back home can only dream of.

Now, I always thought that it was against the laws of any western society to groom 9 year old children for sex. But looks like that is not the case in England anymore. What a shame indeed for a country which once proudly declared itself as the heart of Western democracy.

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