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So much bad news, all the time. Can be exhausting. Some good food for thought to uplift your spirits....the little things.

@iraniandotcom When monarchists spent the past 40 years saying the revolution was brought about by dirty illiterate poor dahati peasants and now suddenly they feel solidarity with poor Iranians.

What I see 👇 when wealthy, ostentatious regime-change monarchists (who btw looted Iran on their way out) complain that the mullahs are robbing the country of its riches. The nerve...

Iranian revolutionaries were doing hipster long before hipster was a thing in the West. Photo of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in 1983


@sonofnariman He looked so hipster!

#IAEA will soon deliver two sets of real-time PCR (RT-PCR) machines to #Iran to be used for #COVIDー19 virus testing, said Iran's envoy to IAEA Gharibabadi.

Americans spend all day "bomb, bomb, bombing Iran," "smoking them out of caves," "annihilating, obliterating, crushing" and "sticking a patriot missile up your ass."

But call for the removal of their illegal terrorist soldiers from OUR soil & yanks are like "is that a threat??"

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Meet your Persian Love Today!