Astrology of 2012 Galactic Alignment on 21st December 2012 or Shabe-Yalda.

Above is a the sort of report I produce at where I measure the angles of planets very closely and correlate them to stock markets. A friend of mine just sent me a message and asked what is this 2012 scaremongering going on? I said that in the past people were not able to produce such detailed reports.

I have been producing reports like these for thirty years. The correlation to events on the Earth, especially to markets, is pretty good. I thought I would focus on the 2012 Solstice and see if there is some “incredible” force. There isn’t. And you can go to stockstars and see this analysis going back for years for each day of the year, and in some cases for every minute of the day.

So chill out. And by the way an Iranian Astronomer called Jamasp wrote about all this at that time. Yes Iranians looked at all this, from what is now called The Throne of Solomon, or the real Zoroastrian name of Takhte-Tagdis, where the fire temple of Azar Goshnasp exists. That is where the first celestial measurement were made, by the Ancients far more advanced than anything now.

There is more to all this ….

To see the report with all the links go here:…

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