FARHANG HERITAGE AWARD 2012: B. Beyzaie honored in Presence of Abbas Milani @ Stanford

(PersianRealm) On Saturday, December 1, 2012, Farhang Foundation recognized the incomparable Bahram Beyzaie, the Daryabari Visiting Professor of Persian Letters at Stanford University, with the 2012 Farhang Heritage Award in recognition of his devotion to art, his enduring scholarship and contribution to the range of Iranian theatrical forms, and his love of the aesthetic and cultural legacy of Iran. (Source: http://www.farhang.org/)



Photo: Alireza Teymouri with Abbas MilaniMojdeh Shamsaie,Bahram BeyzaieAli C. Razi and Bita Milanian at The California Club.


More Photos of the Event Here


With more than thirty-five plays and fifty screenplays to his credit, Mr. Beyzaie’s illustrious career as a filmmaker has spanned four decades and he has been noted for his pivotal role in Iran’s new wave of cinema. He has made ten feature and four short films, among them Mustachioed Uncle, The Journey, Talking with the Wind, The Speaking Carpet, Downpour, The Stranger and the Fog, The Crow, The Ballad of Tara, Death of Yazdgerd, Bashu, The Little Stranger, Maybe Some Other Time, The Travelers, Killing Rabids, and While We Are All Asleep.


As a scholar, Mr. Beyzaie has written one of the most authoritative works on the history of Iranian theater and has recently completed a manuscript on A Thousand and One Nights, in which he presents a new interpretation of the Indo-Iranian origins of these tales.


Farhang Foundation is honored to recognize the remarkable contributions of Mr. Beyzaie and individuals who, like him, have devoted their lives to their craft and the advancement of Iranian art, culture, and studies.

Since 2009, the Farhang Heritage and Lifetime Achievement Awards have been presented to various notables and luminaries, including Ehsan Yarshater, Richard Nelson Frye, Amin Banani, Simin Behbahani, Abbas Milani, Iraj Afshar and Hossein Ziai.


More info about Mr. Beyzaie at: www.BahramBeyzaie.com

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