Thanks Everyone For The Revolution Of 1979!

The 1979 revolution has been the pivotal moment of contemporary Iranian progress, and here I would like to thank everyone involved.

1. His Imperial Majesty, for:

a. Forgoing the constitutional monarchy, assuming full power and taking as much oil money as desired;
b. Antagonizing the Shiite out of muslims (calendar change, sex filled media, Baha’i government);
c. Mandatory obedience to the one-party rule (Rastakhiz) – enforced by Savak through rape and torture.

2. The circus of sycophants around HIM, for:

a. Not daring to tell HIM the truth, and pandering to his every whim;
b. Filling their own pockets with as much petro dollars as fast as possible;
c. Creating all sorts of shortages and inflation, through greed, hording and collusion.

3. The Jewish-Baha’i alliance, for:

a. Assuming most power over government (e.g. half the Hoveyda cabinet), the various banks and even the Savak;
b. Brainwashing the weak and imbecile Shah, and undermining HIM’s constitutional role (the protector of Islam);
c. Running away at first signs of trouble, with all cash they had or could “borrow” from the banks.

4. All the various opposition groups, who were so blinded by a dark hatred of Shah, that they couldn’t see anything good about HIM, and couldn’t detect anything wrong with Khomeini.

PS: it is not that only some of us have been stupid. No, not at all … in fact most of us are stupid enough to ensure the continuous demise of Iran … just wait and see what happens after IRI.

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