No, We Are Not Racist!

The other day, I was inflicting some light-hearted satirical wounds upon our resident muslim-hating “Jude” (a German dictionary comes handy); which may have unintentionally offended some of our friendly chosen-people and inheritors-of-earth.

In that case, I should say: Good!

About time that the bunch of you selfish, arrogant, pompous SOBs feel how your brother and sister Shiite, Islamist, fascist and communist must have felt under my kind treatment for the past 4 years.

Nonetheless, I must set the record straight … I am not racist!

I’m just a typical Persian (whatever the fuck it means these days), and naturally very proud of our great imperial heritage (longest unbroken record of pillaging weaker people).

Naturally, I was born and raised in North Tehran, where all the other cool Persians have always lived … since time immemorial. But, I always have been very friendly towards our dumb Turks, cuckold Rashti, stingy Isfahani (surely of Jew origin), stupid Arabs and idiotic Lors. Believe it or not, I’ve even had a couple of untouchable Baha’i friends!

No, we are not racist. Even, if we dress someone up as a dancing nigger, during the Norooz festivities, like the golden times when we all had one or five. Neither do we really mean it when among ourselves; someone may call the chink dumb, the Afghan savage and the Indian filthy.

We have a lot of respect for other (Aryan) people. Did you know that Iran means the homeland of Aryans? We are not racist! Actually it is us who have been misunderstood and disrespected, by the white folk. How I used to look up to them … just to come for study in Texas and learn that they call us sand-monkey and camel-jockey. Us … the Persians!

Let me tell you something … if it wasn’t for all the British and American imperialistic conspiracies to keep us down and backward, Iran would’ve been the #1 nation on earth. Oh, if only Fuehrer had not lost in Al Alamein, and our beloved King Reza was not captured and exiled by the evil English …

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