Rouhani’s Dark Past: A Troubled Son, An Oppressed People, A Bleeding World

The election, whether by The People or the Supreme Leader, of “reformist” President-elect Hassan Rouhani is certainly news worthy, but so his past – a past whose details have just barely reached the airwaves of mainstream international media.

Little known is the 1992 suicide of Rouhani’s eldest son.  His son, unnamed, left a note which conveyed the deep animosity and resentment he felt towards his father, for his ties to the oppressive Islamic Regime, principally to then President Khatami. He is reported to have written that, “I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double acts and your hypocrisy.”  He took his life to escape the understandably conflicting environment he was cornered into, to put an end to the shame and disgrace of being the kin of someone so closely tied to the Regime, and perhaps in protest to his father’s behavior as described above. The moral compass of a young adult was more accurate than that of a middle-aged religious leader.

The immorality of the 1994 AMIA attack in Buenos Aires is another strike on Rouhani’s deadly resume.  The bombing, which killed 85 people, is still considered the worst terror attack in Argentina’s history, and is directly tied to the Islamic Regime in Iran. Reports and documents place Rouhani on the special Iranian Regime appointed committee that plotted and funded the attack, which was carried out through Hezbollah cells in the South America.  Almost 2 decades later, the Argentine Government and Interpol still seek cooperation from Iranian officials to properly investigate, and are repeatedly rebuffed.  Iran’s President-elect is being sought after for a major crime against humanity and multiple international law violations… Iran’s people and the world certainly did not win, when he “won.”  Only the Regime and the radical-conservative establishment did.

Lets be sure not to roll out the Red Carpet when he comes to the UN General Assembly in NYC, ok?

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