Syndrome Of Iranians’ Submission To Islam

Unsaid explanations left many generations of the people in Iran in their long puzzlement of submission to Islam. Although, after the freedom of Iran from the two-century occupation of the Muslim horde Iran became free, people did not restore their previous religion and culture, but remained faithful to Islam.

The reasons of this attitude remained long time a taboo until thanks to the plague of the Islamic regime, inner calls of the new generations finally slipped through approval of the facts. The obvious reasons of attitude are no longer unnoticed, a revolution of collective awareness in Iran. Among other socioeconomic factors, a psychological factor called Stockholm Syndrome is one of the hypothetical factors.

My hypothesis is the following: If this syndrome functions for a hostage, why should it not function in a bigger scale, for a group of people or a nation as hostages?

To better understand the nature of this factor let’s have a look into the following puzzles which prove a psychological phenomenon. This is an odd love of the captured to his or her captor.

— Some kidnapped victims join the rank of their kidnappers, as it was the case of some Iranian political prisoners of the 1980s who joined the ranks of the Islamic regime’s agents and torturers.

— Some slaves have been known to love their masters and become their devotees. In the cases of female slaves, she loves and is ready to get married with the master, as it was the case of the Prophet Muhammad’s several wives.

— Some women have belief in the misogynous punishments; they enjoy torturing their co-gender. An example is the case of Muslim women in the non-Islamic countries voluntarily wanting the application of Sharia, (Islamic laws) with all its misogynous nature.

— Some women in the Islamic countries love measures of misogyny and gender segregation; i.e., the female security forces of the Islamic regime that voluntarily join the Morality Police. They enjoy attacking the ‘bad veiled” women on the streets.

— As if the oppressed people would have sympathy and respect for their oppressors, it was the case when oppressive Saddam was confirmed as president with 100 percent of Iraqi voters, right before the fall of his tyranny.

— Some victims of tyranny saluted their killers, Hitler or Stalin, at the moment of getting killed by squad fires!

— Muslims whose ancestors have been killed, humiliated, enslaved, mistreated, and raped by the early horde of Islam continue to follow this religion! Even worse, some of them are ready to kill or dye for this cult!

— And of course many related experiences of our daily life exhibiting behaviour of pathological love and voluntary submission to abusers or oppressors all along from a school bully-boy all to hideous criminals!

How is this submissive behavior possible? How can we explain the behaviour of such female mercenaries of a misogynous regime, love of a victim to his killer or devotion of millions of Iranian Muslims to their invaders, their Muslim-Arabic legends who ordered to kill Iranian ancestors, destroy the Iranian pre-Islamic culture, rape and enslave mothers and sisters of Iranians since the year one?

Experts call this bizarre emotional attachment of the victim to his abuser “Stockholm Syndrome”. The syndrome develops when the victim has no power to save himself but spontaneously hopes for removal of the threat. The victims’ need to survive seems to be stronger than his impulse to hate the predator. And in all cases, the predator is perceived as showing some possible degree of forgiveness, kindness, and guidance to the victim.

Psychologists argue that Stockholm Syndrome may be the result of employing the strategy evolved by newborn babies to form an emotional attachment to the nearest powerful adult in order to maximise the probability that this adult will enable the survival of the child. If this hypothesis is correct, maybe it is a reason that the syndrome in the Islamic societies can affect women more because women are mostly unwished female babies of a culture that is religiously misogynous. In this view the syndrome can be a further argumentation to the mechanism creating our voluntarily veiled women even living in the non-Islamic societies, namely in the western societies.

No doubt, there is a process of mental manipulation. The victim can be forced or brainwashed to commit some acts. The difference with that is that in Stockholm Syndrome the victim does not meet any future compensation for obedience, but love for the predator. The victim is not submissive to survive or to get a reward, but to quench an inner psycho-pathological need. This is the odd but important need in this syndrome which in a transformative process becomes a blind culture of offshoot. It is something like masochism or a psychological perversion which contaminates a group or nation. This is what distinguishes from everyday manipulation. Manipulative techniques, as opposed to this syndrome, are mostly passed from tyrannies to their people and they are learned from everyday social interaction. This is the stuff that can interpret drama into seduction whereas the Stockholm Syndrome shows no seduction at all. It is the continuity of drama and the victims know that, but still love it.

The effects of Stockholm Syndrome might have been in the history of mankind a chance for some aggressors and a misfortune for their victims. In the case of many Islamic societies, the aggressors were the early Islamic invaders who violently imposed Islam upon other peoples. Islam in these societies became as effective as love of a hostage to his captor. In a collective scale, Stockholm Syndrome becomes such a heavy yoke of psychic submission that nobody can avoid it and so within several generations, it becomes culture and norms of an Islamised society.

Regarding this syndrome, Islamic invaders were the captors of Iran; both their kindness and forgiveness were perceived in their primitive faith and threatening sword. Their brutality reinforced the effects of Stockholm Sydrome. The early Islamic invaders were in fact the captors and abusers and the helpless Iranians were the captured and victims, this is the unsaid process which today, thanks to the Islamic regime, cannot be out of the picture.

The new generations of Iran are now pushed into a rapid self-consciousness. The additional realisation of this improvement will sooner or later expose the psychic reasons of submission to Islam. Stockholm Syndrome is a de facto factor that kept Iranians under the yoke of Islam after the physical departure of Muslim invaders.

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