Declare War On The Military!

No war has ever been prevented by the military.

All wars are caused by armies.

If there was no military, there would be no war.

OK these are moronically obvious.

But think about it. Almost all global conflict in history is based on the now outdated concept of getting your way, by force. The truth is that you never get your way, especially by force. OK, except for Iran. In Iran today, you most certainly get your way by force.

But as a civilized concept of civilization, Armies, and the Military, and the use of force is as we Iranians like to say, de-modé.

The truth is that the Military is really just a business. In the US it is a very big business. A very big government business. It gobbles up most of the US budget. Yet US soil has never been attacked. OK, once, but that was not an invasion in the classic sense, per se.

Other than Iraq which was classic, but was only really Khamenei’s convenient 8-year glorious “affair to remember”, Iran has never been attacked either. But it desperately wants to be. By Israel if possible. Iran’s military is also a big government business. Not like the US, but similar in terms of the “Hands-on Application” of it.

Iran has done everything it can think of, including posing as a Nuclear Power to get Israel to attack it. Just once. Is all Iran desperately needs Israel to do. As soon as possible. Without a full on war, and affordable plastic surgery to rally Iranians around, Khamenei is running out of excuses. And noses. A sweet war with Israel would be perfect! The ONLY problem is that Iran can’t be the first one to attack. An attack by Israel would prove everything that Iran has been saying about Israel.

Russia loves the military business too. While Ukraine might appear to be a legitimate argument for Russian ethnic re-unification to some, it is a veritable boon to Russian made arms sales in other regions of the world who look at Russia’s demonstration of power as a sales presentation for their own crazy ideas.

China makes an AK-47 for half the price of the original Russian version. Which is a superb deal if you can understand and appreciate the overall value of a well-made Chinese AK-47.

The US having sold all the weapons to Africa it dares to, is now on a sales trip to the East. If only North Korea would attack South Korea! If only Kim Jong Un, would well Uuuungh….

Constant conflict, constant uncertainty, and constant consternation are key to a constantly conflicted and uncertain world. Militaries have even maneuvered policy to suit their militaristic pursuits and financial endeavors.

Think of this. By having an all-volunteer military, the US all but eliminated ANY objection to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars that have now cost the US Trillions, and will cost the US even more in PTSD treatments. Funny how fighting in an unjustified war can cause mental problems! Who would have thought!

I often wonder if the US had a draft, if more people would have protested these wars if everyone’s sons had to go fight in them. Thankfully since they were all “Volunteers”, who could object? And since they volunteered, everyone had to naturally “Support the Troops”. Which made keeping all the objection even more quiet. I mean they were after all voluntarily fighting to protect your Freedom and Liberty!

See how Militarism works?

This is why I am very against Iran wagging it’s tail at Nuclear Weapons. I know, I know, I know, you may be one of those who just doesn’t see Iran’s ambitions clearly, but unfortunately I do. And it’s my article, and I’ll delude myself if I want to. Certainly you have to admit that Iran is most certainly relishing the “Cold War Game” as if it has a weapon(s).

Maybe we have them, maybe we don’t! Complete with sneaky smarmy smiles and a couple of outright grins to go with the nastiest of propositions. That Iran, our Iran would stoop so low to even aspire to “Peaceful Nuclear Technology”, when it carries this very obvious and clear threat, is abhorrent.

And if we weren’t really being purely militaristic, we wouldn’t even need it. I mean really! Who needs Nuclear Technology in this day and age? It’s obvious. Iran is obvious, the US is obvious, Israel is really obvious.

Militarism is only about money made through the Tyranny on others. Tyranny by the enemy for sure. But even and especially and sadder than a HUM VEE stuck in a Yemeni sand dune, apparently, through the Tyranny against your own people.

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