Iran And Crimean Patterns

Disintegration of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea by the Russians has created a wave of excitement in some circles in Iran. These circles include the Marxist-Leninist types of the leftists that still regard Russia as the motherland, and the extremist hardliners in Iran that control the government in Iran. I do not have anything to say to the first group.  However, I would like to tell the second group who rule in Iran that they are pushing the country towards disintegration. What will be the response of many people in the regions dominated by the ethnic groups or minorities in Iran to a referendum about what country they prefer to be a part of? This is serious warning to the regime of Iran.

Religious and ethnic minorities live all around Iran. Some of these minorities, like the Azeris may be as big as what traditionally is known as the majority in Iran. Apart from the Azries, the Kurds, Turkmens, Baluchis, Lors, Arabs and also the Sunnis, Bahai’s, Zoroastrians, and Sufis live there. The Islamic regime in Iran has failed to answer to the demands of the Iranian society, including the minorities, for the democracy, rule of law, separation of politics and religion.

Insistence of the Islamic regime on the issues which are not important for the Iranian society (such as the situation of the Palestinians, expansion of the ancient nomadic culture through religious texts in Iran, payment of money and providing assistance to the terrorist groups under the pretext of expanding Islam, intervention in the affairs of other countries due to the presumed duty of the regime and so on) are a serious source of dissatisfaction for the people.

The fact that ethnic minorities may have relations with their ethnic groups in other countries (such as the Republic of Azerbaijan in the case of Azeris, the Iraqi Kurdistan in the case of Kurds, the Pakistan’s Baluchestan in the case of Baluchis, Turkmenistan Republic in the case of the Iranian Turkamans, and the Persian Gulf states and Iraq in the case of the Iranian Arab tribes) has made the situation more troublesome.

The minorities, like other people of Iran, are seeking a way to get rid of the domination of an inhumane regime and unfortunately disintegration may seem a suitable way for them. If the people of Iran do not succeed to topple the Islamic regime (with or without outside help), they are going to suffer the consequences of disintegration. After all, is it better to stay a part of Iran and be destroyed by the Islamic regime or start a new life like many newly-established countries of the world?

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