How Much Iranian Blood For Oil?

Iran is just like the US! Both have the death penalty!

This past week, I received several emails from Iranians who were outraged at the recent barbarity of the state of Oklahoma’s execution of Clayton Lockett a convicted killer. Lockett’s execution was botched as a result of the drugs used to kill him not reaching his heart and brain and entering his body instead of the veins, causing convulsions and “bucking”. For around 33 minutes into it, 43 minutes into it, Lockett suffered a heart attack and died anyway. Lockett was convicted of raping and then murdering an 11 month-old girl.

Preface: I am against the death penalty. I don’t think ANYONE has the right to kill another person, even the State, even if that person has killed someone. Yes, even if that person killed one of my family. In a civilized world, life in prison with no parole ought to be harsh enough. Executing the criminal never made any victims feel better anyway.

In 2013 Iran executed 373 Iranians. That is the official count. But as is the case with many oppressive governments, the official count can never match the real number. The closest real number of executions by Iran last year, that is verified by an independent organization is 665. Most of the executions were for Drug Trafficking. Not murder. Not Rape. Not Political Activities. Drug Trafficking! Of those executed the most common name by far was Mohammad, second was Ali, Reza was third. So much for prophecy, and the hope of the Islamic Republic Empire Mothers for their aptly named sons.

In 2013, the US executed 38 convicted criminals after multiple appeals of their sentences and years watching cable TV on Death Row, waiting for their appeals to be heard by the courts. There is no independent organization tracking the number of unofficial US executions. Of those officially executed, 23 were white, 13 were Black, and 2 were Hispanic. 37 Men and 1 woman. So much for the myth and racial stereotypes.

Since 1977, the US has executed 1,359 criminals. Again, after exhaustive court cases, numerous appeals, and years of waiting for every avenue of law to be applied and exhausted. ALL for violent murderous crimes. No one has ever been executed for drug trafficking.

From 1979 to 1982 Iran executed more than 4,400 Iranians. Or if you don’t like that date range or body count, from 1981-1985 Iran executed 7,900 Iranians. If you still refute any of this Islamic justice, here’s one you might appreciate better. In 1988 alone, ALONE. In ONE YEAR. Just from Khomeini’s farewell fatwa (Khomeini thankfully died in 1989 just in time too! That gave Khamenei the chance to finally rewrite the Constitution without anyone finding out), over 30,000 Iranian prisoners were offed as a purge of the prisons (to make room for more?) from those accused of MEK membership, and their historic blunder and poorly thought out change of allegiance, during the Iran-Iraq war.

“Documented reports” state that prisoners were “asked” what their political affiliation was. And if the prisoner said, “Man? Fekr kardam az oon agha porsidi, baaaaleh, man Mojahed hastam!”, they were taken away and either shot or hung. As young as 13 years old, as many as 6 at a time, from one construction crane. That’s a lot of honest prisoners! Either that or the Mojaheddin don’t lie when execution is on the line. I certainly know what I would have said!

I’m not suggesting that the US is a fair place. No, actually I guess I am saying that! In comparison to Iran at least! Iran is the veritable “hell on earth” of executions, as compared to the US. Iran is well over 100,000 times worse than the US, possibly a million times worse than the US.¬†Ironically, when it comes to criminal executions, Iran is the Persian Empire of executions. If you are contemplating committing a crime, compared to Iran, the US is certainly the better place to do it.

I am going to now jump to a dramatic and possibly disturbing conclusion. You may want to stop reading right now…

No? OK then, I will now say that since 1979, Iran has at best, executed maybe 100,000 Iranians. At an average volume of 5 liters per person, that equates to around 130,000 gallons of Iranian blood. Or to put it in proper perspective, barely 2,500 barrels of blood.

A mere 2,500 barrels of Iranian blood. As opposed to almost 1 Million barrels of the “other Iranian blood”, pumped out every day, since 1979. Or the equivalent of 700,000 barrels of Iranian Oil, for every barrel of Iranian blood executed since 1979. At $100 per barrel, you are looking at $70 Million, or $1,272,727.27 per Iranian executed. I call this a holy bargain!

Today, Iranian blood is worth even more than 1979! Because if Iran executes only- let’s just round it up, and say 600 Iranians this year, but is now pumping more than 3 Million barrels a day, you could say things are definitely improving in Iran, if you need a statistic to prove the economic value of Iranian blood, from Iranian executions.

I only have 2 problems with this lunar logic:

1- The Islamic Republic’s entire claim to moral superiority and divine justice

2- Exactly which 600 Iranians will be required to die next year?

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