Echoes Of History

Echoes of history in my ears fill time-lapses
The screaming chimes of ringing collapses,
Forgotten crimes of dark apocalypses
I can see all when time elapses.

Echoes in time will lose resonance
If love were a lonely performance
Bloodshed would lose common sense
The bloody earth would hold no substance.

Infidel bloodshed is not their remorse
With shine of sword within their eyes
They are divinely morose
So our happy minds amazingly froze.

They painted our horizon with shadows
With dim lines snaking through meadows
Their victims as marionettes of foreshows,
Float between the chord and gallows.

All these times through shadows of darkness
Light and freedom had no access
As they broke our pens of awareness
Their dark scripts still tighten our shackles.

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