The Courageous Lions Of PAAIA Roar Again!

Today PAAIA did something completely correct.

It wrote  letter to American politicians telling them that many Iranian-Americans misunderstood Lindsay Graham’s characterization of the Iranian Nuclear Negotiating team as liars.

As you no doubt recall, Senator (R-South Carolina) Lindsey Graham recently said the following;

“Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room, I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are lying.”

And it is absolutely true, and PAAIA is 100% correct, many Iranian-Americans misunderstood his statement and truly thought he meant that ALL Iranians are liars. And apparently pool hall loitering ruffians. These adorably ignorant Iranians did not understand that he meant THE Iranians, as in the Iranians on the nuclear negotiating team, are the liars.

Now, if you are not an adorably ignorant Iranian-American, and actually know the details, I think most of those intelligent and informed Iranian-Americans, who know the history of Iran’s enrichment, understood why Graham feels that the Iranians on the nuclear negotiating team are liars. Because, well, they are. It is a key requirement of joining the team.

But here is why Graham thinks that the Iranians on the nuclear negotiating team are liars. In March this year, Graham (also) said,

“At the end of the day, the P5+1 is trying to accomplish what I think would be a good thing; controlling the nuclear ambitions of the Iranian regime. Ending their nuclear ambitions with a diplomatic solution [ would be good] for the world. How many of you believe the Iranians in the past have been trying to build a nuclear bomb, not a peaceful power program? OK. So we start with the proposition they’re liars. I think that’s the proper construct to take. So the first thing you’ve got to realize is the guy and person sitting across the table from you had been trying to do something they say they haven’t been trying to do. How many of you believe that the reason they wanted a nuclear weapon is to probably ensure regime survivability? Most people.”

Of course, all of this makes sense. Certainly it makes sense to Graham, who clearly thinks that the government of Iran is lying in the negotiations through the nuclear negotiating team. Graham feels this, given the immense proof from the intelligence that he is privileged to see, that Iran has been doing far more than developing “nuclear energy fuel”, or making “kid-cancer isotopes” in the secret underground specifically designed military nuclear research facility of Fordow.

When Iran denies they are doing something Fishy in Fordow, Graham, (who would know a liar), says they are lying. That’s what Graham is saying. Or what he meant when he made the pool hall remark, “The Iranians are liars.”

Back to PAAIA, and how brave they are now. I am always dumbfounded by how easily the likes of PAAIA (and I know how it burns to lump them in with) NIAC, eagerly attack any American politician on the slightest mis-characterization of the Iranian character, culture, or society. Even though no one really knows what any of that is anymore. Are we really this Moslem? Are we really this Anti-Everything? Do we really “choose” to wear the hejab because it feels so nice? When our husbands hit us, is it really love? If we are such a religious moral people, why do we do so much Meth? Pay for so many (85,000 official Government data) Tehran hookers?

But never mind that, we can’t solve Iran’s problems from the US. especially when we don’t actually care. But in this case PAAIA is correct. There are many ignorant and uninformed Iranian-Americans who mistakenly took personal offense to Grahams less than sensitive remarks about the Iranian nuclear negotiating team. One Iranian-American even wrote Graham one of those embarrassingly inarticulate “Open Letters” suggesting “Iranians are not liars! Ve are very successfool beeziness peepel dammit!” And then she proceeded to list the long list of usual millionaires who don’t speak Farsi, space women, and the one comedian we always like to show off as homies. Ironically many of whom everyone specifically knows are really big fat liars. At least their stockholders do.

But one thing you will NEVER see, or hear, or read from PAAIA (or NIAC). And that is equal attack or admonishment of the slightest lowest Iranian politician, or President, when one in Iran does far worse to damage the Iranian-American Reputation. It seems that when it comes to criticizing Iranian politicians when they stray, not only will there never be an “Open Letter” mailed to Iran, PAAIA suddenly becomes PAAA, and quickly scurries into the kitchen corner claiming to be Americans living in America. Suddenly, even though the comment coming from Iran is far worse, PAAIA does not think it “…should interfere in internal Iranian politics…” and even more quickly suddenly everyone remember to become “…a non-political, non religious community based organization…”

Which now makes us Cowards. Some of us, Cowards AND Liars.

But altogether today at least, PAAIA was right. The letter is correct. It is always a good idea for American politicians to watch their mouths. Especially during the campaign fund raising season, and even more so during the election. You never know when Iranians will strike. We might come at you like Spider Monkeys, and suddenly decide to vote Republican in 2016!

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