Netanyahu’s Roots

Several months ago as I was watching Mr. Netanyahu lecturing both chambers of our Congress with his gaze fixed like a school master keen on who was in attendance and who had not obeyed, I was most surprised by his revisions of historical facts about the evil Persian king Haman and the jewish queen Esther.  How does a biblical story of a Jewish woman’s triumph at the court of a Persian king which ends with Haman being hanged and Mordecai the Jew being honored becomes revised so easily?  So I thought we should look at other historical twists and revisions, and in particular to the school of Zionist Revisionism which BIBI has inherited  and which BIBI’s father Benzion Netanyahu represented.  Understanding this version of Zionism helps you discover his roots, which BIBI does not make plainly known.

The key to knowing Benjamin is Benzion Netanyahu, his father, for whom he has the warmest praise :

“In 2010, at his 100th birthday celebration at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, his son Benjamin Netanyahu, then Prime Minister of Israel, articulated that in 1937, in an article about Theodor Herzl, his father predicted the Holocaust that would befall the Jewish people in Europe.  ‘This same prescience, led my father to say decades ago that the threat to world peace would come from those parts of the Muslim world where oil, terror and nuclear energy mix. It also led him to say to me, in the early 1990s, that Muslim extremists would try to bring down the twin towers in New York – a prediction I included in one of my books.’”

If you missed it, BIBI predicted 9/11 bombings.

His fathers belief regarding Arabs can be summed up as:

In 2009, he (Benzion, BIBI’s father) told Maariv:  “The tendency to conflict is the essence of the Arab.  He is an enemy by essence.  His personality won’t allow him to compromise.  It doesn’t matter what kind of resistance he will meet, what price he will pay. His existence is one of perpetual war.”

This information is from Wilkipedia which has a full bibliography.

Benzion represented Zionist revisionism which was a minority view among the World Zionist Organisation as the secretary to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the school of Zionist revisionism.

“In 1940, Netanyahu went to New York to be secretary to Jabotinsky, who was seeking to build American support for his militant New Zionists. Jabotinsky died the same year, and Netanyahu became executive director, a post he held until 1948.[9][10] He was executive director New Zionist Organization of America in New York 1940–1948, the political rival of the mainstream Zionist Organization of America.”

So far I have tried to establish that Benzion, BIBI’s father, is a proponent of Zionist Revisionism and that BIBI is from that wing of zionism which was a significant minority led by its founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky.  In fact a recent article titled “My say:  Benhamin Netanyahu’s Jabotinksy moment “  (by Ruth King) make a direct comparison between his recent  week and that of Jabotinsky in 1940.

Mr Rick Richman in his recent article titled “Why Jabotinsky Still Matters” (the Tower, june 2014) bemoans the fact that a new biography of Jabotinsky has not been forthcoming and introduces him thus: “though little-known in the English-speaking world today, Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) is a towering figure in the history of Zionism whose influence pervades Israel, and whose political descendants dominate its politics. “ It ( Jabotinsky’s legacy)is also a key to understanding contemporary Israel and its current leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister since Ben-Gurion.  His father, Benzion Netanyahu, was Jabotinsky’s executive assistant in 1940.

However, you may ask why is such an important towering figure not well known in the english speaking world, and the answer is probably what his ideas were, and what was the school of revisionism which has as its inheritors Begin, Shamir, and BIBI.

The answer is in some macabre way comical.  There is a joke by Woody Allen that goes: my rabbi is reformed, my rabbi is very reformed, dramatic pause, my rabbi is a Nazi.  Jabotinsky came from the fascist wing of the World Zionist Organisation.  The revision which was a significant minority and which BIBI’s father belonged to was a turn towards fascism.  Granted that the climate at the time in many countries was amenable towards fascism including Britian, this tendency among the Zionists must seem bizarre but it was based on pragmatic considerations.  Some revisionists were beaten by other Zionists, but they remained.  The revised version of Zionism under Jabotinsky can be gleaned from these excerpts from Lenni Brenner’s “Iron wall” (available online ).

“By the mid-1930s, in spite of his remaining cavils over Fascism as a system, Jabotinsky increasingly oriented towards Italy. In November 1934, Mussolini set up a Betar squadron at his scuola marittima at Civitavecchia. There, 134 cadets were trained by the notorious Black- shirts and, in 1936, Il Duce himself reviewed his Zionist wards. [32] Setting up the school in Italy could only confirm the world’s image of Revisionism as Fascist but the imperious Jabotinsky scarcely cared ……. By April 1935, Jabotinsky had become little more than a defence attorney for Mussolini and, while in America on tour, he wrote an article, “Jews and Fascism – some Remarks – and a Warning” for an English-language Zionist paper, the Jewish Daily Bulletin.  Jabotinsky stated that :  “Whatever any few think of Fascism’s other points, there is no doubt that the Italian brand of Fascist ideology is, at least an ideology of racial equality. Let us not be so humble as to pretend that this does not matter”

Jacob de Haas, a co-worker with Herzl, had come over to Revisionism in the mid-1930s and the old Zionist warhorse had chaired the founding congress of the New Zionist Organization, in Vienna, in September 1935. On his return to America he described the gathering in his weekly column for Chicago’s Jewish Chronicle: “The delegates were not fascists, but having lost all faith in democracy they were not anti-fascist. They were however very anti-Communistic.  This book details more comments by fellow Revisionists :  “Wolfgang von Weisl, the financial director of the NZO (jabotinsky’s wing), and its diplomatic representative in Eastern Europe, was certainly much more accurate when he told a Bucharest diplomatic paper that “although opinions among the Revisionists varied, in general they sympathized with Fascism”.  He assured his interlocutor that “He personally was a supporter of Fascism, and he rejoiced at the victory of Fascist Italy in Abyssinia as a triumph of the White races against the Black.”  Such opinions made for much popularity in Rome and it was Mussolini himself who told David Prato, later to become Chief Rabbi of Rome, that: “For Zionism to succeed you need to have a Jewish state, with a Jewish flag and a Jewish language. The person who really understands that is your fascist, Jabotinsky.”

All the sources are annotated online through the site on “IRON WALL” which contains a bibliography.  The book is out of print, being published in the 1980’s but is available online.

Actually much more of this could be said, and perhaps the most interesting is the “Stern gang letter” which was signed among others by Ithzak Shamir which asked for cooperation with nazi Germany, to which germany did not respond until near the war’s end and which is another topic.  The Stern gang were jewish terrorists and revisionists who assassinated the british resident governor in egypt in 1944.  (source :a summary of zionist terrorism in the middle east; available online).

In conclusion at the onset of world war II BIBI’s father and his ideologue and master Vladimir Ze’v Jabotinsky are hand in hand with the fascists, they are not appeasing hitler ,they find it a viable alternative as a benefactor to the state of Israel which they want to create.  in Jabotinskys words “the Ersatz could be either Italy  …”  .  BIBI is so found of the Nazi appeasement parallel to Iran, that he forgets to state what side his father and his wing of Zionism took in that time.  I think it is worthy to restate “though little-known in the English-speaking world today, Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) is a towering figure in the history of Zionism whose influence pervades Israel, and whose political descendants dominate its politics.”  And wonder why Jabotinsky is not better known in english circles, perhaps he is better known elsewhere, definitely among the Isreaeli politicians.

Israel eventually honored Jabotinsky and in 1964 the Israeli PM Levi Ashkol “ordered that the remains of Labor’s fiercest political rival – Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founder and ideological leader of the Revisionist movement – be brought to Israel and re-interred in a state funeral on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Thus, Eshkol honored Jabotinsky’s last will, written in 1935, requesting that his remains be transferred to Israel “only on the instruction of a future Jewish government.” source Israel ministry of foreign affairs website and more interestingly just to show how important Jabotinsky is to BIBI, he was ceremoniously handed his sword on March 25, 2014.  “Israel Police Commissioner Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino gave the sword of Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in the course of a study day for the senior Israeli Police command at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

The Israel Police Education Officer said that in 1920, Ze’ev Jabotinsky had been arrested by British police officers in the wake of his involvement in a Jewish defense organization in Jerusalem, following the riots which occurred that year.

His sword was taken from him during his arrest.  The sword eventually passed to a British police officer. Several years later, the officer’s daughter gave the sword to British historian Martin Higgins, who specialized in the mandatory police and whose father had been a police officer himself.”  (source ArutzSheva )

In Conclusion…

BIBI the longest running Israeli PM who is ahead on the polls for the next election, is a Zionist Revisionist and follower of Jabotinsky whom his father served as a secretary, and Jabotinsky and his Zionist Revisionists worked hand in hand with Mussolini, and had lost all respect for democracy, if not becoming actual fascists.  BIBI has been handed Jabotinsky’s sword ceremoniously which he hangs, I assume, in his wall just this last year as he marches on a attack on Iran which according to his own appointed Intelligence chief (Meyer Degan) as the stupidest possible action.  Thereafter he grandstands on the highest venue in the world, makes Nancy pelosi agitated with his “disrespect” and even takes a biblical story and completely twists it. He also sits on top of the largest jail in the world, the gaza strip, and has a policy of keeping the Palestinians hungry as a weapon of war.  Moreover he does not find the few hundred nuclear missiles he has as sufficient deference against an Iran which in a blink of an eye could go nuclear. However, most important of all, his radical ideals are as unacceptable as the ideals of his father’s former master and his ideologue who turned to fascists for a time, in order to create the Zionist state.

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