The Musical Fusion Of BaranBand

BaranBand, headed by brothers Gian and Marouf Majidi, is a musical lover’s delight that blends the brothers’ Kurdish Iranian tradition and different musical cultures, genres and roots. ‘Baran’ is kurdish and means rain. Rain cleans, refreshes and creates new similar to this band. 

The brothers pursued their own career paths until reuniting in 2013 when they formed the BranBand. “Our roads diverged, Gian got into the western classical music and I went deep into the roots of our traditions. Life also steered us to different paths. Gian went to Tehran the capital to study the music, making contacts and he also got into the fine art academy. I went to the west to a small village called Gahvareh to learn the secrets of tanbour music and to meet with the ahlehaq people (people of truth). Later on I also moved to Tehran and started the tar and persian classical music studies,” says Marouf.

BaranBand’s music consists of both original compositions as well as new arrangements of old Persian and Kurdish music. Colorful instrumentation, skillful and versatile musicians make BaranBand’s music a unique experience. The lyrics tell about life and especially about the joy that life brings with it. 

Enjoy BaranBand’s music and videos here.

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