You Know You’re Still More Iranian Than American When…

1. After all your years of living in the US, your spaghetti still looks like this.

persian spaghetti


2. You live in San Francisco, but still check the weather in Tehran…daily.

weather in tehran


3. You insist on ‘Persian-izing’ your license plate.


4. You beshkan…even at American parties.


5. You’re on Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble, but deep inside you’re hoping to meet your match on IranianPersonals.

iranian singles personals


6. Your WiFi.


7. You’ve lived in California for 20+ years, but still root for Iran’s soccer team to beat the US.


8. You have a forbidden family room that you never sit in.


9. You realize that an aaftabeh is déclassé, so you modernize.


10. You expertly like to judge the color of your tea in your glass, like a sommelier would analyze the color of red wine.

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Meet your Persian Love Today!