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Biden bombing Syria is in line with the bipartisan approach to Imperialism. While US citizens have yet to receive stimulus payments, Biden's administration has already drone striked Somalia, and now have conducted Airstrikes in Syria. Imperialism must be opposed.

Read this carefully:

The crossing the #US and #Israel often bomb is the one forcefully liberated by Qassem Soleimani to the huge dislike of the #US and #Israel who wanted to seal the Syrian-Iraqi borders and prevent the flow of supply and improve the Syrian economy.

Biden is dropping bombs on Syria, locking kids in cages, fighting against Medicare for All in a pandemic, and lying about $2000 immediate relief checks & Democrats keep saying “empathy is in the White House.” I don’t know how they say it with a straight face—yet alone believe it.

Biden carried out airstrikes against #Syria today. His excuse is that Iranian-backed forces have been lobbing bombs at American forces in Syria recently. Considering that the USA is in Syria as an unauthorized, hostile foreign occupier to steal Syrian oil, maybe we should leave.

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Meet your Persian Love Today!