Sepah Exposed For Providing Inadequate Housing Containers To Kermanshah Earthquake Victims

Sepah[1] delivers tin boxes, full of holes and defects, instead of providing containers to earthquake victims in Kermanshah.

Sepah’s “Khatim‌ Al’anbya[2]‘” base has taken on production of containers for earthquake victims in West of Iran and has announced it will be producing 400 containers a day. Sepah has received 300 billion Tomans from Rouhani’s administration.

In a video taken by a resident of Abdalan Mirky village, located in vicinity of Azgaleh[3], the quality of the containers produced by Sepah’s “Martyr Hossain Hamadani Base” is described as such: “These containers must be resistant to shaking, wind, rain, and the elements, but these boxes are anything but.”

According to Housing Foundation each container costs 7 to 8 million Tomans. Mr. Azaalah Mehdiyan, the Reconstruction Assistance in Housing Foundation had told reporters: “The monies allocated for containers is the same amount dedicated to temporary housing, and we won’t be paying people 3 million Tomans in aid, but containers instead.”

These tin boxes are insulated with styrofoam, but misleadingly they are branded as containers produced by Sepah and donated to earthquake victims, thus relieving Rouhani’s administration from any responsibility in the matter.

Khatima Al’anbya’ Base has also announced its readiness to engage in reconstruction projects in Syria.

[1] Sepah Pasdaran Enghelab Eslami, “The Guardian of Islamic Revolution Corps”., established in 1979, since then it has become the effective center of military, political and economic power in Islamic Republic.

[2] Prophets ring.

[3] Azgaleh district was the epicenter of the earthquake which shook effected both sides of the border on November 13, 2017

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