Iran Signs Deals With International Banks Worth $55.3 Billion

Tehran announced on Friday the signing of deals for credit lines with European and Asian banks amounting to $55.3 billion, Quds Press has reported.

“Developing relations with European banks in Holland, Italy, Belgium and Austria, and Asian banks in China and South Korea, as well as discussing issues with Omani and Qatari banks, is a result of continuous efforts that give hope to the Iranian banking network,” announced the Spokesman of the Central Iranian Bank, Mohamed Kareemi. “Many of the problems in the field of banking have been sorted out during the past few years,” he added, stressing that fears regarding Iran’s relations with the task group that combats money laundering and terror funding should be changed.

Kareemi said that the Iranian government had raised with the Islamic Shura Council three bills about money laundering and terror funding. He noted that the approval of these bills changes international perceptions about Iranian banks.

In 2015, the group of Five+1 countries signed a comprehensive deal to end the nuclear crisis with Iran that had been ongoing for 12 years. The deal stipulated the lifting of US, UN and EU sanctions in return for restrictions imposed on Iran’s nuclear programme.

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