Are We All Responsible For Nasim Najafi Aghdam’s Armed Attack?

The small world of a woman who utilized video blogs as an outlet for her art received lots of attention, in an infamous way. Her works blow up and grow in Persian-language milieu, mainly due to the intolerant and degrading comments of the mainstream Persian-language users. And the same users, who are always present for scorn and humiliation, reported her to YouTube as crazy, dumb, ridiculous, and worse. Thus, the virtual world of Nasim Najafi Aghdam collapsed, especially when they took away her right for Free Speech. With all of this done and predicated under a rubric of a presumption that she’s “crazy.”

In a video Nasim attempts to appeal to the viewers calling her “insane,” this time appearing in a rather conservative attire, solemn, being an average person, discussing her life. The presentation ends with this: “I don’t have any physical or mental illness, but I live in a planet that is full of diseases, deviations and injustices.”

This tragic event, – death of Najafi Aghdam and wounding of three other persons-, might as well be another excuse and motivation for more thinking on

  • Bullying, Violence, Harassment and Humiliation in the Persian milieu, Farsi speaking parts of the virtual space.
  • Thinking about the long term, large scale, effects of verbal abuse in cyberspace.
  • Thinking about fighting, confronting and diminishing cyberbullying on the internet.
  • Respecting each other’s emotional and cognitive sensibilities and attachments, and not disdaining what we don’t comprehend.
  • In the hope of attaining an effective solidarity, and the ability to avoid violent judgments in understanding each other’s feelings.

Source: Radio Zamaneh, Author: Nazli Makvary.

Translated by The Iranian

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